Exploring the World one Step at a Time

Exploring the World one Step at a Time

Incomplete list of the places I’ve visited, explored and lived in for a while. In my life I want to understand the world and the people living in it as best as I can. Traveling and seeing first hand, experiencing the diversity that makes our little blue planet so special is essential to acquiring this knowledge. Over the time I’ll add more places, satellite pictures and eventually links to articles that describe what made these places so special to me; what learnings they offered.

Next Stops:

∙ Rome
∙ Nice

Berlin – Mai 2018

New York City – April 2018

Thailand – March 2018

Koh Chang

Chiang Mai



My Home Port Hamburg – 2014 ongoing

My Home Town Brakel – 1989 to 2009

My Arrival on this Planet – December 1989

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