Hamburg from above

Hamburg from above

On Monday, 25th of June, I had the amazing chance to join my colleague Jan on one of his flights above Hamburg. Jan happens to be a hobby pilot. How awesome is that?! The photos I took on this flight are even more awesome – my most beloved city from above. It was sunset time which gives the photos a very special look but also made it difficult to get good shots at all. The shallow angle meant both good backlighting or horrifying frontlighting depending on the direction I tried to shoot in. Thanks to Photoshop, I was able to get the most out of every photo! Enjoy!


Note the impressive range of different airplane models and sizes by Airbus including some A380s – the world’s largest passenger airliner. It’s wingspan is 80 meters and the length a total of 73 meters. In the top left corner you can also see Airbus‘ Beluga, one of the biggest cargo freight aircrafts.

Elbe River

This view along the Elbe River as seen from Hamburg’s west took my breath. It shows what made this city great: the harbor. Industries to the right, vibrant city life to the left. Hamburg Musical Boulevard (the yellow „Stage Theater im Hafen“ where The Lion King is performed, next to the „Stage Theater an der Elbe“), Landungsbrücken at the bottom left, following the river the Portuguese quarter, Speicherstadt and Hafencity with the great Elbphilharmonie watching over the whole scene.

Altstadt & Neustadt

This view from the north-west perfectly shows the old city core – framed in the south-east by the Elbe’s countless channels and in the north-west by Planten un Blomen, Hamburg’s green belt. On the left side of this photo you see Binnenalster and the famous Jungfernstieg.

Channels & Churches

Hamburg is characterized by many water channels, some connecting Elbe and Alster, the two rivers that join here. It is agreed upon by law that the city’s skyline should be defined by it’s churches. These laws still stand so that despite Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg’s churches stand out most. From left to right you can see St. Katharinen Church, St. Nikolai Memorial and of course, Hamburg’s Michel, St. Michael’s Church. Hamburg’s city hall which shares some resemblances with it’s churches can be seen near St. Nikolai Memorial on this photo. Also in the centre of the following photo:

Hamburg City Hall


Elbphilharmonie is my most favorite building in Hamburg. Though it was just opened a bit more than a year ago, it already has a fascinating and contentious history. Despite it’s architectural beauty, it’s a cultural epicenter and Hamburg’s new landmark. See more impressions of this great concert hall here on my Instagram account.

St. Georg

That’s my hood. My most favorite district in Hamburg – St. Georg. In the very bottom left corner you can see my neighborhood. All between this nice, green area and Hamburg’s main station to the west (here the top center of the photo) is St. Georg. Landmarks here are the IBM Towers at Berliner Tor. Steindamm runs right through the photo where you find Hamburg’s best cinema, Savoy, and many bazars. Between that and the Alster river lies Lange Reihe which is Hamburg’s gay hotspot. The structure in the bottom right corner is Alsterschwimmhalle which is also described as a „swimming opera“ due to it’s amazing architecture. Love this area!

The South-East

View from the north to the south-eastern neighborhoods of Hamburg’s core: Borgfelde, Hamm, Horn, Rothenburgsort.

My Block

That’s my actual block. With my house in the center, the white one with two nice gardens, one to the front, one to the back. Green living in the city center, I love it 🙂

Main Station

Hamburg main station, the popular streets Steindamm and Lange Reihe and Alster riverside. Also, following the railways, Hamburg’s art hall.


The Heinrich Hertz Tower is a landmark radio telecommunication tower and it’s nickname is Tele-Michel. It stands at the area of Hamburg’s fair halls, next to Planten un Blomen. On the top you can see Außenalster and Binnenalster.


Heiligengeistfeld is used several times per year for the Hamburger Dom funfair. It is surrounded by two famous buildings: Millerntorstadium and the Bunker, a World War II building which is now used as a club and will get a public garden on it’s roof soon. In the right bottom corner you can see the beginning of Hamburg’s famous party mile: Reeperbahn.

West of the Alster

It’s amazing to see the differences between everything west of the Alster compared to the east and the city core. These districts are much greener and considered to be among the most expensive neighborhoods in Germany. The buildings, mostly owned by old and rich Hanseatic families, show where a lot of Hamburg’s privately held money went.

The Crew

From left to right: Jan (pilot), Alex (kind of co-pilot) and me (photos). It was an honor, guys!

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