Painted Nails

Painted Nails

A one day romance we agreed upon.

A one day romance we had.

Though what was in between the lines

Was, for me, so much more than that.

For you, for sure, unknown.

In your eyes, for me,

Every light of New York City.

But most of all – the truth.

On your fingers‘ tips, for you,

Just painted nails.

For me – the truth

Of New York City.

We talked of dreams, of fainting youth.

We talked so open, full of truth.

From truth came trust, we touched,

No fear.

But in my ear,

The haunting voice: this does not mean too much.

We kissed, we let not go.

So hope arose:

Could one day once be more?

One day was gone, we stayed in touch.

But this did not mean too much.

A wall came up,

a wall I could not breach.

So hard I tried to reach

The why, the motivation,

that you left us for bittersweet starvation.

A hope was there for friendship grown

from sweet one day romance.

This hope stays there for any chance

The wall comes tumbling down.

And staying with it: painted nails.

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