Redouté Reinterpreted

Redouté Reinterpreted


#PlantPrintsMany times I stumble across artist and designers making a living with some really nice art prints, for example. 52,99 € for a print of some plant leaves, high contrasted on a black background? May be justified, after all: what is a good price for pieces of art? I could definitely be convinced to pay for something that touches me even if the creative process behind it was quite simple but I rather find myself questioning: Can I be inspired by this to create my own original work?

The Idea

This is what happened looking at some of Coco Lapine’s art prints. I saw those black and white plants on a dark background – a motive that would fit perfectly into my living room, next to the black screen of my TV which – if turned off – also looks like a piece of art in my opinion.

Seeing those artworks, I remembered taking some photos of original paintings from Pierre-Joseph Redouté back in April when I was visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. These paintings are just beautiful and I admire Redouté’s work to the point that I just wanted to frame those photos and put them on the wall here.They became the basis of my own artworks.

The Result

The Crown Imperial or Fritillaria imperialis is one of Redouté’s most famous works out of over 2.100 published plates during his life between 1759 and 1840. So I tried to reinterpret it and that’s what I got:

Maybe it will soon accompany my TV and be a good contrast to the bright and green colors dominating my living room 😉 Until then: stay curious, stay creative!