The Devil Wears Classy

The Devil Wears Classy

#Style„Kleider machen Leute“ is the German saying that best sums up the effect of a carefully chosen outfit. The clothes we wear are amongst the first impressions somebody gets of us. They comfort us and protect us, covering most parts of our bodies for most of the time. They have clear purposes and thus, designing them always requires a good balance between beauty and practicability. And finally they are a great opportunity to express ourselves. This self-expression has always fascinated me and I’ve been quite experimental over the years. This post shall work as my very own lookbook – giving you an impression of my style and myself another opportunity to reflect and be creative.

Getting inspired

Inspiration is the key to a well-conceived style. I draw it from many sources. Often I just see people in the streets and check them out, my attention being drawn to them by just one little detail – a popping color, subtle, matching patterns, interesting contrasts. However, most of my inspiration comes from Pinterest. Go, check out my pinboard Oeynhausen – Fashion to get an idea how I come up with my outfits. And then: enjoy or be amused by what I’ve put together for you here as part of this post.

„A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.“ – Hardy Amies

I’ll „decorate“ this post with some of my favorite fashion quotes and also, from time to time, add some useful advice from my very humble perspective and definitely limited expertise. Like this fashion rule I find quite useful:

  • Always match shoes, belt and wrist watch! This gives a good frame for every fashion sin imaginable. Black leather shoes, black leather belt, black leather wristband of watch. Silver belt buckle, silver watch case. It’s that easy.
  • So without further ado, here we go and start with my current most favorite outfits:

    The Floral Shirts by Selected Homme

    I bought these shirts at Anson’s on Spitalerstraße in Hamburg. This fashion company is obligatory for every man in Hamburg who values style. There are several stores, you can become a member and subscribe to a newsletter and quite inspiring print magazine and the service and offers are really great. My top three locations for mens‘ fashion in Hamburg are:

  • Anson’s on Spitalerstraße
  • Pollicke in St. Georg
  • Wormland in Europa Passage
  • Nice basics and affordable special pieces I often buy at ZARA, sometimes H&M or online at ASOS. Though I must say: Quality pays off. Always.

    Note: Miss me on the centre pieces of these photos? Find out more about it here.

    The Chiaotzu Shirt

    The Chiaotzu Shirt is something very special to me. As a kid I was a big fan of Dragon Ball Z. Nothing could keep me from watching it every evening at 7:30 pm on RTL2 – not even summer days and being outside in the trees with friends. This shirt was a present by Dragon Ball’s publisher Shueisha Inc. which we visited during our excursion to Tokio.

    I love to combine playful pieces with elegant, minimalistic outfits to have a nice contrast: on the one hand people can find joy in these outfits and even be amused, on the other hand I can still be taken serious without looking like a sad clown. The simplicity of many of the outfit’s pieces also puts focus on the pieces you want somebody to notice first.

  • Combine playful pieces with elegant, minimalistic outfits! Contrasts always create curiosity. But guided attention needs focus points.
  • Use contrasts to create an evenly spread pattern! The contrast between a motive on a shirt like this (black and white) can be repeated. Light socks can be an interesting transition from black shoes to black trousers. Contrasting cuffs an interesting transition between shirt/blazer and hands/arms. An handkerchief an interesting focus point on your chest.

  • The Black Turtle Neck

    Of course I got inspired by Steve Jobs with this one. The black turtle neck is some kind of a homage to this genius but not because Steve Jobs was Steve Jobs. I also admired his idea of style because he wore his clothes with a clear intention and that’s, in my opinion, one aspect that makes a great style. Jobs wore his black turtle neck, blue jeans and sneakers as a uniform. The outfit was sporty yet elegant, underlined his sophistication but most of all: he did not have to concentrate on it, put any more thought into it which is – for creative and constantly ruminant people like him – pure relaxation.

    Again, I use this minimalistic outfit to put focus on one little detail: the socks. Socks can be a very important part of a man’s outfit if you use them right. I just love my playful Happy Socks and this is how you give them the stage they deserve.

  • Be crazy with your socks! Show them! But only if the stage is right and they are the only focus point of your outfit or match another detail like a nice handkerchief.
  • Also I want to use the opportunity to give you an interesting quote about black in the context of fashion:

    „Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy, yet mysterious. But above all, black says: ,I don’t bother you. Don’t bother me.’“ – Yohji Yamamoto

    First custom tailored shirt by Müller Maßmanufaktur

    You know this shirt because now it’s all over my website 😉 It is my first custom tailored shirt and I am just amazed by it’s look and the comfort it gives me. I have even written an article about my nice first experience with this kind of service.

    „In der Mode gibt es keine letzte Wahrheit. Man kann nie sagen: das ist ,in‘ und das ist ,out‘. Es wird immer eine Mischung geben aus dem, was gerade kommt, und dem, was gerade geht.“ – Giorgio Armani

    The GGS Outfit

    I wore this to the theatre once or twice but it was mainly for a photo shooting I did when I first launched this website. At that time I was working at Goodgame Studios whose corporate color was this dark blue. Every employee got a nice professional photo but because I missed the first shoot, they denied me another chance. I was furious and so I decided, I can be a portrait photographer too. I even photoshopped their logo in the background so that it looked as if I had also been portrayed in their lobby. The photos ended up on my website, without the logo, because GGS ended up as a footnote in my CV 😉

    I also used them a very long time for applications and profile pictures because of the bow-tie. This little detail expressed my style pretty well: well-conceived, classy and elegant, yet fashionable because fashion is the thing that supplies you with endless inspiration. Even if it’s just a recap of old times, put in the present context, it is something original again.

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