The Human Evolution

#ScienceToday I came across a very impressive animation about human evolution since the dawn of life itself. In this article I want to present the contents of this clip by Rob Ludacer, published on Tech Insider, to you and, of course, my thoughts on them.

The Impact

Well, first of all, because that’s what I learned at Hamburg Media School, I start with the conclusion. What about an animation showing human evolution could possibly make me write an article about it? It was not only beautifully to watch and great educational content – compact and precise. It made me think. It made me realize, once again, the insignificance, in a very positive way, of me and my life. The insignificance of my fears and worries and conflicts. Human life, essentially, is in the making for 3.8 million years now! Our emotions and thoughts are the result of that but are far away from being the end. They are relatively new. And they are ever changing. Not only you yourself but also we as a species. And soon, I’ll be gone. And you’ll be gone, too. And our whole species as it is now, will be gone. Some even think: for good. I’m not so sure yet 😉

A second thought that came to my mind was a surprise to me: The desire to sit down, just take my time to reflect and write about this short clip, just be creative about it, is something that happens often lately but more importantly: it is something that once defined me. It was what made me who I am during big parts of my childhood. I was especially fascinated by science, by dinosaurs, by history and biology. I was called „Mr. Professor“ or „Little Professor“ and I was constantly curious. I have come to realize that I should really embrace this more often and more often connect to my inner child.

The Inspiration

So without further ado, I present to you: The human evolution, beginning with the origin of life many hundreds of millions of years ago.

Life began in the Water

Beginning in the water, life developed first as these unicellular organisms. These protocells evolved proximately 4,1 billions years ago. Click or Swipe to continue through the different steps of aquatic evolution until we first set foot on land.

And continued on Land

See how we developed from amphibians and reptiles to mammals to apes into our modern form of Homo sapiens:


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